The Portuguese Way (Portuguese Camino) is the most established route from Portugal, and encompasses many important towns and cities as well as gorgeous scenery.


The Central Portuguese Way of Saint James is the most established route from Portugal and the most popular Camino after the French Way. It starts in Lisbon, although most people begin their journey in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Porto. This Camino is inland and encompasses many important towns and cities as well as gorgeous scenery.

The first significant city is Barcelos, famous for the legend of the cockerel which, with the help of St. James, miraculously saved a wrongly accused pilgrim from death by hanging. Once past Barcelos, the beautiful Minho countryside opens up as you cross forests, valleys and villages, with one particularly challenging mountain to climb after the delightful riverside town of Ponte de Lima.

Valença overlooks the River Minho from its formidable fortress while Tui lies across the water with its fortified cathedral and pretty historical centre. More villages, forests and riverside paths separate you from Redondela, a small but pleasant town where the Coastal and Central Way become one.

Stop for oysters or relax on the sandy beach in the riverside town of Arcade. The next city of note is Pontevedra with its vibrant historical centre. Soak your weary feet in the thermal springs in the spa town of Caldas de Reis before heading to Padrón for peppers and St. James-related monuments. The highlight, of course, is Santiago de Compostela and its magnificent cathedral.

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