Portuguese Way to Santiago

Walking the Portuguese Way of Saint James (Santiago) is an unforgettable personal journey that will reward you in unexpected ways. Make new friends and treasured memories as you follow in the footsteps of countless pilgrims through the rich cultural and geographical landscapes of northern Portugal and Spain.
Relish the sense of achievement as you rise to the physical and emotional challenge of reaching Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.
Both Portuguese Ways (Central and Coastal) encompass beautiful countryside, where you will witness age-old rural traditions and practices in villages and farming communities. Marvel at architecture that spans Roman times, the Romanesque and Gothic medieval period and the subsequent Baroque era in charming historical towns and UNESCO World Heritage cities.
Savour fresh seafood, hearty meat dishes, delicious local goat and sheep cheeses, cured meats and traditional cakes. Wash these down with local beer or crisp young white wines made from Albariño grapes.

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